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WVARC Digital

Fusion Repeaters in the Phoenix Area

Handout from our Fusion 101 Class, held January 18, 2020

Phoenix Area System Fusion Repeaters

(This list is not all inclusive.)


449.800 West Valley / Boswell  Digital Only (C4FM)
   Will be on-air in March 2020!

440.375 South Mtn 100.0 Fusion (C4FM & Analog),  Wires X

444.925 Mt Lemmon 100.0 Fusion (C4FM & Analog),  Wires X

448.100 Scottsdale 100.0 Fusion (C4FM & Analog),  Wires X

448.275 E. Mesa Usery 100.0 Fusion (C4FM & Analog), C4FM preferred

145.330 TBird Honor Health 162.2 Fusion (C4FM & Analog)

448.325 White Tanks 123.0 Fusion (C4FM & Analog)

443.150 Scottsdale 100.0 Fusion (C4FM & Analog)

146.660 Usery  162.2 Fusion (C4FM & Analog)

145.250 Mt. Lemmon 156.7 Fusion (C4FM & Analog)

447.650 Prescott-Mt Union 186.2 Fusion (C4FM & Analog)

145.210 Goodyear 162.2 Fusion (C4FM & Analog)

442.900 South Mtn 100.0 Fusion (C4FM & Analog)

147.100 Camp Verde  Digital Only (C4FM)

447.175 White Tanks  Digital Only (C4FM)

445.275 Phx matrix  simplex frequency

Online repeater resources: 

Disclaimer: Some are privately owned and not on all the time. Analog needs PL tone. C4FM listed above should work with the default DGID setting of 00.  Experiment with your equipment and find out what works and what doesn’t-some will work with a HT with a stick on the roof. 

Wally's Words-Yaesu Radios

Email sent January 9, 2020

This is a quick primer on Yaesu C4FM/Fusion radios by  Wally / KB1IEE

Here’s a quick guide to the Yaesu C4FM/Fusion radios that are available with some information on their feature set.  All of the radios listed below will work with the new Boswell repeater (449.8 Mhz) with no special configuration.  (We will let everyone know when it has been changed out.)   These radios below, aside from the FTM3207 which is 70cm only,  will also work with the club’s existing Del Webb repeater (147.3Mhz). 


First – some terminology:

C4FM – Yaesu’s proprietary digital format for sending voice and data over the air.  C4FM is over the air, only.  This is what the club will be using for the Boswell repeater, as set by the motion that passed at the club meeting on January 6th.   C4FM captures the received audio from the sending person and transmits the audio to the repeater or receiving party. The receiver will only reproduce the sound from the originating station, and there will be no noise present in the signal. There is no hiss, no flutter from a mobile station, etc.  If you are receiving C4FM you will have full audio quality. This is about the same technological equivalent of music recorded on a compact disc, or television signals that have been broadcast over-the-air in digital for the past decade.

Fusion – Yaesu’s method for mixing analog and digital voice through a single repeater.  Fusion is over the air, only.  This is in use on several repeaters in the Phoenix area, but Fusion is not going to be used by West Vally ARC. (“Fusion” radios will work just fine for the new Boswell and un-changing Del Webb repeater though!) 

WiresX – Yaesu’s newest method for linking repeaters, rooms, and nodes via the internet.  At this time there are no plans to connect the new Boswell receiver to WiresX. Many new radios support WiresX connections without going out over the air, so you can have your own independent connection. 

Personal Digital Node (PDN) – this is a method of connecting your radio to a computer and using that radio to access the WiresX network.  This does not occupy a local repeater, and you can connect to repeaters, nets, and rooms all across the globe. 

Position – Some of the radios have the capability to send your position and receive position information of the other station you are speaking with.  Depending on the radio that you are using, you may see position reported back as distance to the other station, or you may see distance and bearing to the other station.   Some radios also have APRS which is different than the position information sent through C4FM digital. 


*These are Basic-level C4FM/Fusion “no frills” entry level radios:

- These all do C4FM, Fusion, and WiresX. They do not support PDN or position. 

HT: FT70DR, Dual band / single receive, 2m/70cm transmit, 0.5 – 5W,  $145

Mobile: FTM3207 , 70cm only, 5-55W, $115

Mobile: FTM7250, Dual band / single receive, 2m/70cm transmit, 0.5 – 5W,  $200

**These are Mid-level C4FM/Fusion radios:

- These have all the features of the entry level radios and add the PDN function so you can access the WiresX / internet linking network, and they also have internal GPS to send/receive position data, and both run APRS with no external devices. 

Mobile: FTM100, Dual band / single receive (dual watch), 2m/70cm transmit, 5-50W, $265

HT: FT2DR, Dual band / single receive (dual watch), 2m/70cm transmit, 1-5W, $300.

The FT2 is a touch screen radio and will also send text messages and pictures using C4FM.  This is being phased out in favor of the FT3DR, listed below.

***These are Higher-level C4FM/Fusion radios:

- These include every feature listed above (C4FM, Fusion, GPS, APRS,  PDN, text/photo send/receive) and add a color touch screen.

HT: FT3DR, true dual band / dual receive with both receivers handling analog and digital, 2m/70cm transmit, 0.3-5W, $350

Mobile: FTM400XDR, true dual band / dual receive with one analog only and one analog and digital receiver, 2m/70cm, 5-50W, $450

****And the only HF C4FM/Fusion radio:

Base: FT991A, 160m-6m HF plus 2m/70cm transmit, HF: 5-100W, V/UHF: 5-50W, $1070.  The 991A will do C4FM, Fusion, and Wires X, but will not support PDN or sending text or photos over the air. Position can be set by manual entry or external GPS.   The FT991A is the only radio available that will do C4FM on HF, and yes, there are C4FM digital nets on 6m and 10m. 

I own four of the above models and know other West Valley ARC members covering 7 of the 8 radios listed above. All have been used with great success and are very easy to configure for C4FM.  Take the radio out of the box, set the VFO to your desired frequency, and press the mode button to cycle between FM, Auto, and C4FM(DN) and you will be on the air in minutes.  

Also, the West Valley Tech Committee will be hosting some intro to C4FM/Fusion sessions that will be announced shortly. 

Happy C4FM and welcome to Fusion!

Wally / KB1IEE