Call-In Nets

Preamble for Net Control

#1 through #5 is spoken by NC

1) Welcome to the West Valley Amateur Radio Club's morning (or evening) call-in net.  This is [YOUR NAME, YOUR CALL] and I will be your Net Control.

2) This is an open, directed, net and all licensed amateur operators are welcome.

3) Our club's NY7S repeater, is located on top of Del Webb Hospital in Sun City West, Arizona and operates on a frequency of 147.300 MegaHertz, which requires a standard positive 600 KiloHertz offset, and a 162.2 Hertz tone.

4) We will break at any time for emergency or time critical traffic.  Our normal format is to ask for any QST's then mobiles, short-timers and Echolinks, and finally any other general check-ins.

5) We ask that you allow the repeater to drop completely and wait 2 seconds to allow Echolink users to check-in.

  • As the Net Control, you will announce your trivia or discussion topic and begin taking check-ins, making sure to keep them in order individually and with short-timers, mobiles and Echolinks before the general check-ins.  (If you take about 5 at a time, it is easier to keep track of everyone.)
  • Don't forget to identify yourself every 10 minutes with your CALL and the NY7S morning/evening call-in net, inviting hams to log-in.
  • Following the History Lesson and the Trivia answer or ending your discussion, be sure to close out the net, turning the frequency back over to normal operating airwaves, and thank everyone for their participation.

Note:  This is a suggested format, and is not written in stone.


Monthly Meeting is on hold for now


Shepherd of the Desert Lutheran Church

11025 N. 111th Ave

Sun City, Arizona 85351

Meeting held inside the Walton Hall located on the East side of the church.  

Click here for a Google map.

First Monday of each month

Except February. 

Meeting Times

Social hour - 6pm

VE Testing - 6pm NEW!! This is a new time! 

You must pre-register:

You can also Text him at 623-680-5011

Meeting - 7pm

A presentation may be shown prior to or following the business meeting. 

(Times may be subject to change) 

Social Gatherings

Potlucks and Picnics are on hold for now


Club picnics

West Valley ARC members like to meet at the park and talk 

about their radios and antennas.  Beardsley Park is currently closed, but when it reopens, we look forward to getting together.


Come to a meeting

The first Monday of the month we socialize before the meeting begins at 7 PM.  We look forward to resuming our normal meeting schedule.