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WVARC Digital

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45 minutes on DGID and DPID

43 minutes-Questions of the Week for March 8th-14th, 2020.

Yaesu Digital Radio Information-20pgs

201805_V_UHF_Amateur_Radio (pdf)


Fusion Repeaters in the Phoenix Area

Handout from our Fusion 101 Class, held January 18, 2020

Phoenix Area System Fusion Repeaters

(This list is not all inclusive.)


449.800 West Valley / Boswell  Digital Only (C4FM)
   Will be on-air in March 2020!

440.375 South Mtn 100.0 Fusion (C4FM & Analog),  Wires X

444.925 Mt Lemmon 100.0 Fusion (C4FM & Analog),  Wires X

448.100 Scottsdale 100.0 Fusion (C4FM & Analog),  Wires X

448.275 E. Mesa Usery 100.0 Fusion (C4FM & Analog), C4FM preferred

145.330 TBird Honor Health 162.2 Fusion (C4FM & Analog)

448.325 White Tanks 123.0 Fusion (C4FM & Analog)

443.150 Scottsdale 100.0 Fusion (C4FM & Analog)

146.660 Usery  162.2 Fusion (C4FM & Analog)

145.250 Mt. Lemmon 156.7 Fusion (C4FM & Analog)

447.650 Prescott-Mt Union 186.2 Fusion (C4FM & Analog)

145.210 Goodyear 162.2 Fusion (C4FM & Analog)

442.900 South Mtn 100.0 Fusion (C4FM & Analog)

147.100 Camp Verde  Digital Only (C4FM)

447.175 White Tanks  Digital Only (C4FM)

445.275 Phx matrix  simplex frequency

Online repeater resources: 

Disclaimer: Some are privately owned and not on all the time. Analog needs PL tone. C4FM listed above should work with the default DGID setting of 00.  Experiment with your equipment and find out what works and what doesn’t-some will work with a HT with a stick on the roof.